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ORS-1000 Oil Recovery Skimming System

The ORS-1000 Oil Recovery System in its typical arrangement consists of two 2,500' high seas booms connected to a robust dual-weir skimmer which collects the oil. This arrangement allows for an unusually large, 2,500' swath width:

Oil Recovery Skimming System

Alternatively, a 5,000’ swath can be achieved through the use of an additional towing vessel:

Oil Recovery Skimming System

The Skimmer

The skimmer itself is very robust and is 39' wide and has a draft of 2'. Unlike most weir skimmers, the ORS-1000 has two sets of weirs and a basin between them in which the oil is collected. The oil accumulates to a much greater depth in the basin between the two weirs than a traditional single-weir skimmer. The skimmer collects the oil as it is towed through an oil deposit where the oil collects to a depth of 2'. Due to the forward velocity of the skimmer, slots in the bottom of the basin allow water beneath the oil to be sucked out (by the Bernoulli effect) so that a very high percentage of oil only is collected. The skimmer also has an external tension line that keeps forces from exerting pressure on the skimmer.

Cross Section Oil Skimmer

In operation, the skimmer looks like this:

Oil Skimmer

The Boom

The booms are constructed of materials specially chosen for their resistance to oil, saltwater and the marine environment and come in 50' modular lengths. The boom itself has a 2' draft and 2' freeboard and is supported and kept afloat by flotation elements of 16” diameter and 4' length. These floats are easily filled through a Monson valve and are attached on the outside of the boom so they don't disturb contained oil on the inside. The boom has an external tension line to prevent tensile forces from going through the boom. The deployed boom looks like this:

Oil Boom