Ocean Systems, LLC

"Solutions for Your Offshore Oil Skimming Needs"



Ocean Systems LLC provides complete support for our customer's offshore skimmer needs when they are faced with a large-scale offshore oil spill. Ocean Systems will deliver the latest and most efficient skimming technology to your site within hours. We provide the best technology and skilled personnel until the oil is removed from the environment.

What makes Ocean Systems LLC unique?

Unlike other companies that sell you skimmers and the headaches that come with owning that equipment, Ocean Systems LLC provides our customers with the capability that they need. We own, maintain, deploy, and operate the equipment at the site of the spill. When it’s over, we clean, repack and send it back to our warehouses. Ocean Systems LLC provides both equipment and skilled operators to help you remove oil efficiently and effectively from the environment without the logistics, training and operating overhead that normally come with operating sophisticated skimming systems.

Why Ocean Systems LLC

Because Ocean Systems LLC:

  • provides complete service to our customers during an oil spill – one phone call is all it takes.
  • provides state-of–the art offshore skimming and collection systems deployed when you need it.
  • has extensive experience in oil spill cleanup.
  • team members have all worked closely with the US Coast Guard.

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